Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa · New Residential real-estate startup



Cape Town – Build a Silicon Valley-style startup in South Africa's real estate industry! Are you a top-tier leader looking to build a disruptive business and create a lasting legacy, using technology and disciplined execution to change the way people buy and sell their most important asset?

We're looking for top people to be FOUNDERS of a RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE focused tech-enabled business, in Cape Town or Johannesburg, translating the success of (active in the used car market) to the residential real estate market, and so offering sellers an unbeatable combination of value, convenience and speed when selling a property. This is something completely new to SA, and will be huge!

Contact us if you're a young leader looking to leave the corporate rat race for high-risk, high-reward environment: build long-term equity, in a cutting-edge company that you part-own and drive, but with the support of the Silvertree ecosystem to bridge the gap to entrepreneur. Great candidates need people management skills, risk appetite and passion to build.


About the role and requirements:

The ideal founding team is 2-3 people with profiles similar to those below, of which you should match at least one:

The individual in this role will manage the finance and business model aspects of the business.


Key qualifications and skills needed:

2. Property Specialist:

This individual will provide the team with their in-depth property expertise.


Key qualifications and skills needed:

3. Legal and Process:

You will create and ensure execution of the legal processes of the business, with strong focus on conveyancing.


Manage all transaction processes on ongoing basis

Key qualifications and skills needed:

Extremely structured and detail focused, and excellent at process and administration management

People management experience, at law firm (e.g. coaching juniors) or externally

4. Technology:

This individual will oversee the building and management of the customer-facing technology assets, as well as internal process management systems.


Build in-house estate "agency" systems, for listing properties and managing bookings

Using off-the-shelf and custom software, pragmatically manage all systems for back-office and process management (e.g., document management, compliance, property and staff management, etc.)

Key qualifications and skills needed:

Full-stack experience and strong design eye

People management experience

Experience in paperwork-driven development would be beneficial, e.g., document management and automation



About Silvertree:

Silvertree Internet Holdings builds and invests in tech businesses targeting South African and African consumers, with a growing portfolio of high-growth online companies. We focus on rapid, disciplined, capital-efficient and number-driven execution, with a strong operational focus, implementing global-proven business models that take advantage of technology. Our "For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs" model matches top-tier founders and leaders with high-potential business models, and then ensures success by providing funding, early stage support with IT, legal and finance

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