CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa · New Venture - Pan-African services startup


Cape Town – Build a Silicon Valley-style startup in Africa! Are you a top-tier leader looking to build a disruptive business and create a lasting legacy, using technology and disciplined execution to change the way people do business across the continent?

We're looking for a FOUNDER and CEO to lead a new Pan-African service-focused startup, headquartered in Cape Town and aggressively rolling out a common model, proven elsewhere in the world, into leading African markets.

You need to be young and hungry to create something new and entrepreneurial, with a track record of leading people in frontier markets.


About the role:

The role is to drive the creation and growth of a B2B and B2B2C service-oriented startup into key African markets. Over coming months and years, the role will involve the following activities:

Key qualifications and skills:





About Silvertree:

Silvertree Internet Holdings builds and invests in tech businesses targeting African consumers, with a growing portfolio of high-growth online companies. We focus on rapid, disciplined, capital-efficient and number-driven execution, with a strong operational focus, implementing global-proven business models that take advantage of technology. Our "For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs" model matches top-tier founders and leaders with high-potential business models, and then ensures success by providing funding, early stage support with IT, legal and finance execution, marketing acceleration, infrastructure, networks and partnerships.

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